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Product Evaluation and Compliance Service


Trust our expert team to assess and validate your products, ensuring they meet industry regulations and quality standards, giving you peace of mind and a competitive edge in the market.


product information :

Regulatory Compliance Assessment:

Conducting a thorough analysis of your products to ensure compliance with relevant industry regulations, standards, and guidelines

Product Testing and Certification:

Assisting you to perform comprehensive testing procedures in NABL-approved testing labs to assess product performance, functionality, safety, and reliability. This includes obtaining necessary certifications such as IEEE, CE, UL, FCC, RoHS, SIL, IEC, IS, ASME, ANSI, etc.

Documentation and Compliance Audits:

Conduct audits and review documentation to verify compliance with regulatory requirements, including technical files, product manuals, safety data sheets, and other relevant documentation.


Quality Control and Assurance:

Implementing quality control measures throughout the product development and manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality and adherence to specifications

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Chongxi Lai
Chongxi Lai
The shaping factory would be an excellent choice for 3D prototyping CAD design and test (and other related business). I have an wonderful collaboration with Ruhulamin, the owner of this company. He is highly professional and responsive to the project.
Dr Wajid Saiyed
Dr Wajid Saiyed
He is the best in work... dedicated n workoholic...
Shadan Rehmani
Shadan Rehmani
Excellent work